STIGMA 555 Lake Fisher

Stigma555 lake fisher

STIGMA 555 lake fisher only by its external appearance reminds us that it is still STIGMA. Its utilitarian character is the result of strict solutions for the professional angler. The hull, as in other STIGMA boats, is made of marine hydronalium. A corrugated sheet was used on the deck. Such a solution will bravely endure contact with the equipment taken on board such as buckets, live bait tubs and trunks often made of aluminum. The seats are covered with an easy-to-clean material with enhanced mechanical resistance. Each seat has a swivel seat and a rod holder. In the bow section there is a long tank for fishing equipment that also serves as a seat.

On board you will also find an outboard water pump for easy washing of the deck and seats. For these reasons, the cockpit has additional drains to prevent water from collecting on the deck. We also thickened the bottom plating, for increased resistance when moored on sandy and rocky shores.

The organization of the space and the “walk around” console arrangement gives a lot of freedom on deck. Of the optional equipment, we recommend a heater for cooler autumn days and a refrigerator for drinks during hot weather.

Stigma 555 lake fisher
Stigma 555 lake fisher