Stigma 777 party

Unconventional party boat design

The idea of such a boat came about somewhat by accident. When, on a warm summer evening in the marina, the party – for lack of space on board – had to move to land. The suggestion to design a larger, completely open boat has no parallel in the competition.

Dreams come true. Meeting friends on a luxury floating boat? Yes, it’s already possible. On the comfortable STIGMA 777, you’ll dine on wine and shrimp and enjoy good company while soaking up the beautiful views and taking in the fresh air. Experience a romantic evening under the stars, with a light breeze and the pleasant sway of the waves.

STIGMA 777 is an electric, quiet boat for social gatherings and events designed for 12 people. It has been arranged around a meeting place for cruise participants – two tables surrounded by comfortable couches, with a bar panel connecting the two spaces.
The boat is equipped with LED lights, sound system, refrigerator, stove or grill, sink. There can also be a toilet on board.

This is a dream venue for a small party.

STIGMA 777 party

We can make any color arrangement possible. We can add corporate branding.

In addition to its primary purpose, which is a place for an unconventional event, the boat can be made and equipped for other tasks. Such as business meetings, special occasions or any proposed by the client.

STIGMA 777 party

Price with drive and batteries 64 000 €