The aluminum hull construction dramatically reduces long-term operating costs. No need for periodic repairs due to corrosion. The alloy is resistant to marine corrosion.
The roof covered with solar panels with a rated power of 25kWp fully satisfies the energy demand on days with medium and full sunlight.
Regardless of the insolation conditions, the ship is equipped with Li-Po batteries that allow sailing for about 6 hours.
Such a hybrid power system, solar panels – batteries, significantly reduces operating costs, bringing them closer to zero in the tourist season.
A unique passive air-conditioning system was used, by cooling the air in exchangers at the bottom of the hull. Despite the large glazed areas, the interior provides stable comfort without using energy for traditional and energy-intensive air conditioning systems.

Water tanks with a capacity of 8,000 liters have been designed. Greywater tanks of the same size. The design includes three toilets for women and three for men. Running water in the toilets. Bar in front of the ship. In the aft part, there is an open and covered external deck.
The rest of the space to be used according to the operator’s idea.
The floor area of 150 m2 allows you to arrange a restaurant, pub, disco, exclusive club, or space for social or business meetings. It can also be used as a space for exhibitions, shows, office space in the open air. It is a great place to organize parties.
The wheelhouse is located at the bow of the ship. Under the wheelhouse there is a living room with a bathroom and a shower.

The project has combined many solutions that are in line with the trend of modern low-emission trends.
The hull is made of marine hydronalium, completely non-interfering with the natural environment.
The key factor of low energy demand is the low weight of the structure. By using a lightweight hull material and carbon load-bearing elements, the weight was reduced to half compared to a structure of similar size.
Powering with solar panels makes it almost completely independent from the consumption of energy from the public grid. Seasonal energy costs for shipping are close to zero.
We took into account the sanitary regulations obliging to use the municipal water supply network
and shore power.
The project assumes the use of interior solutions that allow for its quick and free arrangement.
The ship’s propulsion is silent. Does not vibrate. It does not emit exhaust gases. The lack of these factors greatly increases comfort and passengers benefit from silence.
Large surfaces of side glazing provide impressions from the external space.
The unique and modern form of the project seems to emphasize its prestigious character.
The materials used inside and the high quality of construction ensure many years of trouble-free operation.

Passenger electric cruiser

e/v Lady Kate

Technical data:





Floor area=150m2

ask price with drive and batteries 1 000 000 €